Apolitical pro-Torah Jews and fitna of liberal Murji’ah zionists

I think pro-Torah Jews should be educated about Ishmael peace be upon him, primogeniture and pro-Christ unitarianism. Western Jews have gifted us with remarkable faithful modern humans like Muhammad Asad and Maryam Jameelah. Zionism is wrong because it imposes Hellenistic Sodom on Holy Land. They suffer from sectarian asabiyyah like Sunnis and Shias. But the liberal Murjiah zionists are the real dajjali temptation.


Urdu poetry about war torn Muslim children

Urdu poetry about tragedy of Muslim children being killed. One of the verses says that the child realizes that it is not a video game.

شاید اک درندہ ہو گا
یا اک برف کا پتلا ہو گا
انساں کی شکل کا یا پھر
چلتا پھرتا روبوٹ ہو گا
روبوٹ جس نے بھیجا ہو گا
اسکا کون سا مذہب ہو گا
کس نے اسکو خریدا ہو گا
کس قیمت پر بیچا ہو گا
کیا کیا کہ کر بھیجا ہو گا

جس پل وہ قیامت آی تھی
بندوق کو اس نے تانا ہو گا
بیگ کو اس نے چھینا ہو گا
خوف کو اس نے دیکھا ہو گا
پھول سا بچہ سمٹا ہو گا
دل یوں زور سے دھڑکا ہو گا
ماں کو اس نے ڈھونڈا ہو گا
تڑپ تڑپ کے چیخا ہو گا
جس فرش پہ ٹانگیں کانپیں اسکی
اک بار تو وہ بھی لرزہ ہو گا
اک بار تو چھت بھی کانپی ہو گی
ہوا کا زور بھی ٹوٹا ہو گا
کیا پھر ایسا ممکن ہے
انسان کا دل نہ پگھلا ہو گا
پتھر کا بت نہ ٹوٹا ہو گا
یا پھر وہ اک روبوٹ ہو گا

ہاں بچہ بھی یہ سمجھا ہو گا
جیسی اسکی ویڈیو گیم ہے
اس جیسا یہ منظر ہو گا
گیم ختم تو بات ختم
دکھ کی یہ سوغات ختم
پھر سے سب کچھ زندہ ہو گا
پھر سے ہاتھ میں بستہ ہو گا
موت، کفن، قبر، دفن
وہ تو یہ نہ سمجھا ہو گا
گیم ختم نہ ہونے پر
دل اسکا کیسے ٹوٹا ہو گا
ماں کو جب وہ ترسا ہو گا
باپ کا راستہ تکتا ہو گا
اک حشر کا عالم چھایا ہو گا
بس یہ مجھے بتلا دو مونا ،
اس ظالم نے کیا پایا ہو گا….؟؟

Benazir and semi-Shia liberal theology

Her father was a liberal Shia. His name means the double edged sword of Ali the Commander of the Faithful. Ali fought a civil war against Mother of Believers called Jamal which shows that Shia faith is the death of political feminism. Ironically his father opposed a democratic Islamist leader who has the DNA of Commander of the faithful, her Shia faith ascribes to. So, her liberal theology is not internally consistent. I admire how she had the self respect to cover her head and how she disagreed with self hating Ayan Hirsi Ali whose country Somalia does not seem to have ecumenical thinkers like in Pakistan. Her symbolic head covering is sufficient for me to conclude that she did not agree with western sexual revolution although her liberal theology makes it nearly impossible to criticize it. I pray for empowerment of Muslim women based on liberation theology rather than anarchist and narcissistic feminism which seems to explain the highest divorce rate in the world in US. His marriage with a secular traditional male of average IQ may be a hint of the psychological fact that narcissistic women prefer weak marriage partners. I respect her more than western feminists but lesser than an American woman of faith Margaret Marcus who sensed the imminent sexual revolution with foresight and migrated to Pakistan.


Happiness and love for Prophetic family

The disciple said: When I am alone with Satan, I become unhappy but when I remember my love for Prophetic family, I become happy. The scholar said: Religion is all about love as mentioned in Quran 3:31.

أبو عبيدة الحذّاء : دَخَلتُ عَلى أبي جَعفَرٍ عليه السّلام ، فَقُلتُ : بِأَبي أنتَ واُمّي ، رُبَّما خَلا بِيَ الشَّيطانُ فَخَبُثَت نَفسي ، ثُمَّ ذَكَرتُ حُبّي إيّاكُم وَ انقِطاعي إلَيكُم فَطابَت نَفسي ؟ فَقالَ : يا زِيادُ ، وَيحَكَ ! و مَا الدّينُ إلَّا الحُبُّ !! ألا تَرى إلى قَولِ اللهِ تَعالى : إِن كُنتُمْ تُحِبُّونَ اللَّهَ فَاتَّبِعُونِى يُحْبِبْكُمُ اللَّهُ

Story of repentance of an alcoholic Prophetic descendant

A Prophetic descendant was a professed alcoholic. He once visited a student of knowledge for some help, but he did not allow him to enter his home, so he came back sadly. During journey to pilgrimage, a scholar among Prophetic descendants did not allow that student to enter his presence, so he wept. When he wept he was allowed to enter. He asked why he was refused although he loved the Prophetic family. He replied: Because you refused entry to my cousin. He wept again and stated: I only did this so that he repents from alcohol. The scholar replied: Respect them any way otherwise you will become a loser. When he came back, the same cousin came again. This time the student respected him a lot. The cousin was surprised. Then he told him the story of the scholar during pilgrimage. He felt guilty and repented. He came back to home and destroyed the bottles of alcohol, and started spending time in Masjid until death and then he was buried near a pious female Prophetic descendant.

This is an important lesson for physical Jews.