Due to partial modernization, a lot of innocents become martyrs in traditional cultures.



Reconciling ignorant traditionalism and arrogant modernism about QXP translation through Scriptural traditionalism

Assalamu alaykum brothers and sisters. Divine peace be upon you. I came here because I wanted to ask someone to help me to get my official right so I opened Quran 4:85 and I liked the QXP translation on openburhan.net which had a word of caution about this translation. So, I was curious. So, do not be blind modernists like those who are ignorant of Arabic and the Uswah ( a Quranic concept) and I also urge my traditionalist brothers not to become blind traditionalists but become Scriptural traditionalists like Shawkani and Asad ( although he inclined to Mutazilah due to western upbringing) for example. Asad is the one who was inclined towards a rational interpretation of Elephantry in the recited Logos of Quran. So, QXP is not the first translation to do so.

Mind body dualism and balanced sirat mustaqim

It is Christian monasticism and the idea of a non-sensual heaven which are criticized by Quran which actually led to rise of mind body dualism in modern Christendom, while Muslim seminaries to this date teach ancient greek logic in seminaries. So, unless the churches and synagogues do not deal with Quranic criticism of their sacred texts, the mind body dualism will keep away humanity from the balanced sirat mustaqim.


Between Bieber and Shariati

Kirby Hopper It’s hard enough just getting through life without our kids becoming Justin Beiber fans. { God bless you Kirby because this is what is happening to my American Muslim family }

Zayn Abiya Better than becoming ISIS fans right ?
Ishmael Abraham Then they would hate me too again like you 
Zayn Abiya have you deserted the salaf Ishmael Abraham and com to the peaceful light of Ahlul bait (as)
Zayn Abiya Cross over , you are a decent man , come to the light and love and leave the hatred and prejudice and culture behind
Ishmael Abraham Ahulbayt are also Salaf. I also love Ahlulbayt in Khalaf.
Ishmael Abraham Dr Ali Shariati hated both Safawi and Umawi hatred.
Zayn Abiya Who cares what he hated and liked
Zayn Abiya he was a terrorist
Ishmael Abraham He was wiser than Khomeini and a lesser terrorist if you like.
Zayn Abiya i feel sorry for you , you insist to live in hatred
Zayn Abiya you idolize terrorists who kill other humans which is the ultimate shirk
Ishmael Abraham Khomeini killed 3000 of unarmed MK.
Ishmael Abraham In prison. Even Uthman bin Affan dare not unleash the sword.
Khomeini was not infallible nor Shariati.
Zayn Abiya they are all the same , killers

Ishmael Abraham Uthman never killed any Muslim, not even the rebellious assassins.


Hussain Murtaza Not better. Both are two faces of evil. Ahlul Bayt A.S also taught war and stern rejection against falsehood. Imam Ali A.S spend lifetime in the battlefield. The school of Ahlul Bayt A.S doesn’t teach illogical non violence like certain versions of Buddhism.
Ishmael Abraham You should cross over to Hijaz or Iraq from Australia.
Ishmael Abraham He was killed due to unintentional human mistakes but he did not stop reciting Quran until death.
Zayn Abiya mashallah hahaha ok
Hussain Murtaza The Infallible Imams A.S of Ahlul Bayt A.S Have The Right to declare aggressive war against enemies of Allah. This is a unanimously accepted fact of Shi’a Islam. According to Ayatullah Khoe, even fallible scholars can do so, during the period of occultation.
Zayn Abiya But he didn’t and they didn’t , why declare something they refrained from Khoe condemned Khomieni for iraq /iran war . It was Shia vs Shia are your serious . Allah created us to kill eachother this is our aqeeda? This is our purpose ?
Zayn Abiya Name one aggressive war any of the 14 infallibles participated in or instigated