A unitarian Christian says that arrogant atheists are spiritually more enlightened than stupid Christians

The most stupid Christians are spiritually more enlightened than the smartest arrogant atheists.
Kirby Hopper That depends on how you want to define spiritually more enlightened. If said stupid Christian believes in destroying Muslims as a way to deal with radical Islam, or persecuting other Christians who don’t believe the way he does, and said arrogant atheist is a decent person who would never hurt a soul, then the arrogant atheist is more spiritually enlightened.
Ishmael Abraham Quran says that fitna(threat to faith) is more destructive than qatl(murder) because former kills your soul which leads to Hellfire and latter kills your body which leads to Paradise. For example, Kim Davis who loves the commandment against sodomy but may hate Muslims is spiritually more enlightened than atheist Krauss who rationalizes incest but understands that the terrorism is a danger exaggerated by irrational Islamophobes. Some Christians may burn manuscripts of Quran, but atheists are the cultural imperialists and modern evangelists and crusaders who want to burn commandments intellectually although Quran tells us that they will fail like Christians.

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